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How Businesses Use Social Media for Recruiting

  • 89% of companies will use social media networks for recruiting in 2011.

  • 1 of 3 employers reject candidates based on something they found about them online.

  • 14.4 million people have used social media to find their last job in 2011.

  • 86% of employers say candidates should make their profiles more employer-friendly.

  • 24% of managers found "fit & personality" from a social media profile.

  • 79% of hiring managers and job recruiters review applicants' online info.

  • 65% of companies have successfully hired via social media.

  • 56% of HR professionals use networking sites to source potential candidates.

  • 55% of companies plan to invest more in social recruiting this year, 2011.

  • 92% of hiring managers in 2010 used or planned to recruit via social networks. Of these:
  • 86% used LinkedIn
  • 60% used Facebook
  • 50% used Twitter

  • Of all companies surveyed:
  • 80% used LinkedIn to find talent
  • 50% used Facebook to find talent
  • 45% used Twitter to find talent

Compiled by CareerEnlightenment.com

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