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Ethical Search Engine Optimisation Advice & Implementation

'If your website can't be found for relevant keywords, then your business basically doesn't exist.' In a world where users' first instincts are to go online for most things, search engine optimisation should be at the top of a website owners digital to-do list. Without traffic a website is useless!

Showing up on the first page of search engine results (organic search) is crucial to a website's traffic and conversions. Showing up as the number one result on that first page is even more crucial. Research shows that 87% of all organic clicks are in the top five results of the first page: 1 = 53%, 2 = 15%, 3 =9%, 4 = 6%, 5 = 4%.

At a minimum, all websites should be reviewed to ascertain whether the content is in a format in which search engines can index it. For example, many websites have been built using Flash and heavy use of graphics which are detrimental to the search engine crawlers. So while the site looks pretty, it appears blank to search engines because the content is hidden.

Search engine optimization or natural search is the process of improving a websites position in search engine results pages (SERPs). A large number of websites are primarily built with design and navigation in mind, and SEO is left as an afterthought.

RBO will review your website and online profile, and optimise it in an ethical way that will target search engine traffic. All projects are slightly different, but our SEO service typically includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Optimisation of existing website, content & images
  • URL & meta-tag optimisation
  • Internal link architecture
  • Creation of new optimised content
  • Directory submissions
  • Link building
  • Online PR
  • SEO training

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