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Website Design, Development & Technology

A website is potentially where a customer or client may have their first experience and interaction with a business. If the website doesn't portray the business image and proposition clearly, and in a professional way, you could immediately lose that opportunity to a competitor. RBO can design new websites, develop existing sites, or advise on current online plans and strategies.

Reviewing website design, usability, interaction and responses enables us to maximise and achieve ultimate online success. By analysing prominent trends, landing page effectiveness, and evaluating user behaviour, we can make the most of your site and improve your conversions. We will also review the search engine optimisation effectiveness of your site and advise on improvements, as well as evaluating your website hosting arrangements and domain name management. Contrary to some opinions, many websites can be reviewed and improved, rather than undergoing a total redevelopment. We also act as an expert opinion by reviewing ongoing development projects, and providing impartial advice and feedback.

RBO focuses on user-centred design to portray your brand and message with a creative, tailored to your specific audience. The user experience is key, developed through clear information architecture and preparing quality content. The user journey throughout your site is always kept simple and intuitive, giving the user a rewarding experience with a carefully planned navigation and information structure.


Please contact us for further information about how we can help with your website design, development, technology, SEO and internet strategy.