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Website Hosting & Domain Name Management

Website hosting and domain names are the foundations of all websites, and as with all foundations they need to be robust. Both areas often fall between IT and marketing departments, with neither having a clear mandate and knowledge for best practice and cost efficiency.

Website Hosting

  1. Do you know where your website is hosted?
  2. Does your website have a back up schedule?
  3. Do you have a disaster recovery (DR) plan?
  4. Are you being overcharged for your solution?

Many businesses do not know the answer to these business critical questions. Hosting has many different forms and costs, and your requirements will depend on elements such as size of storage and bandwidth. RBO can review your current arrangements and implement a strategy where improvements are needed.

Domain Name Management

  1. Do you know domains are only leased and not purchased outright?
  2. Do you know when your domain name(s) expire and need renewing?
  3. Are you being overcharged for registrations, renewals and management?

Again, these are business critical questions many businesses do not know. Companines often have extensive lists of domain names, some in use and some being registered for strategic reasons. If domains are not renewed, a competitor could register them instead. We regularly advise companies on their domain name strategy, along with the registering and ongoing management, and always make coniderable cost savings.


Please contact us for further information about how we can help with your Website Hosting, Domain Name Management and internet strategy.