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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Paid Search

Once your website has been reviewed and is in order through SEO techniques, you'll be ready to drive more traffic to it through search engine marketing, or paid search. These are the paid ads on the right-hand side of Google search result pages (SERPs). As paid search allows you to bid for your position within results pages, the ads are only displayed based on exactly what term the user is searching for, resulting in an extremely targeted method of paid advertising. Furthermore, because paid search ads are typically charged only when there are clicks (cost per click / pay per click), the advertiser cuts out the 99 percent that would have been wasted.

The main advantages are that you can build brand awarenesss, and begin receiving targeted traffic and lead generation almost immediately. The return on investment (ROI) though is paramount, so careful monitoring and reviewing of the key performance indicators in each campaign is essential.

The disadvantage with paid search campaigns, as with most advertising is the lack of residual effect, but if run in conjunction with a structured SEO programme, then both will compliment each other.

RBO offers a comprehensive search engine marketing service:

  • Keyword research
  • Set up of single or multiple paid search campaigns
  • Regular monitoring of campaigns to deliver maximum ROI
  • Monthly management reports
  • Search engine marketing training


Please contact us for further information about how we can help with your search engine marketing, paid search, SEO and internet strategy.