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Marketing Strategy & Plans

RBO will review your current marketing activities or establish a comprehensive marketing plan which will put your marketing strategy into practice. It should therefore be a practical reflection of your overall business strategy. Your marketing objectives should be based on understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and the business environment you operate in. The plan should be:

  • specific, realistic, achievable and set measurable targets
  • include deadlines for meeting targets
  • set a budget for each marketing activity
  • specify who is responsible

Once we have agreed your marketing objectives and the strategy for meeting them, we will plan how you will make the strategy a reality. Many businesses find it useful to think in terms of the seven Ps: product, pricing, place, promotion, people, processes & physical evidence.

A comprehensive plan will cover all areas of a business from printed literature, to pitch documents through advertising, internal and external communications, websites and the entire digital footprint.


Please contact us for further information about how we can help with your marketing strategy and plans, or your outsourced marketing.