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SEO Tips for Business Search Strategy

  1. Ensure your website design and architecture is right. The fundamentals of any efficient and well ranked site are design, navigation and SEO. The 2 main areas are 'on page SEO' (content, code & architecture) and 'off page SEO' (links, social & trust).
  2. Keyword research is the foundation of effective SEO. Type in the keywords that you want to rank for and compare your site with your competitors, as well as others that come first and second. People don't often type in exactly what you might think. Rank for what converts, forget the vanity.
  3. Content management systems (CMS) - don't assume that if you use a CMS it will automatically make your site perfect for search engines.
  4. Flexibility is very important with your site, so when changes are required, make them quickly. Take full advance of technology and publish content quickly, and react to internet trends and opportunities.
  5. Utilise social media, but after establishing the most relevant network.
  6. Use local to your advantage such as Google Places, Facebook Places, Foursquare, etc.
  7. Update your site regularly with relevant, quality and unique content.
  8. Search ranking results aren't immediate. Businesses have lots to gain from SEO, but plan for the long term, and don't forget to use other online channels in the short term to boost revenue and traffic.
  9. Consider how SEO fits together with all your marketing channels. SEO as a standalone project is nowhere near as successful as when it is well integrated with good PR and media campaigns.

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