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Content Management Solutions

A Content Management System (CMS) gives you complete control over your website. A CMS gives you access to a secure area which allows you to add, modify and delete your website content. Through a "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" word style editor, you have control over the appearance of your content, as well as a media manager that gives you full control over your site assets, for example cropping and resizing images and including documents such as PDFs or Excel files.

RBO can offer a bespoke content management system built for a specific requirement and specification, and we also offer third party CMSs.

Some features of our bespoke CMS include:

  • Secure password protected administration area
  • Add, edit and delete page categories, pages and content
  • Re-order navigation items
  • Image library
  • Image manager (for cropping and resizing images)
  • Image popup (allows any images added to be enlarged)
  • Document manager (allowing you to add PDF, Excel and Word documents to your website)
  • Full management over search engine aspects such as page titles, meta descriptions and keywords
  • Live link to the website so you can see your changes instantly
  • Switch pages on and off without deleting
  • Full easy to use instructions in PDF format

Third-Party CMS Integration

RBO can also integrate with many 3rd party CMS solutions, these include:

  • Expression Engine
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla


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